Writing team Bob Druker and Steve Dawson have created a new musical with an audience of kids and ‘tweens in mind, and with messages about mental health. There’s a dog, Freckles, who struggles with social anxiety and a traumatized plane who is unable to fly. As much as the story seems to have been written with the effects of the last pandemic year on young people in mind, it actually has been years in the making. Call it a sort of serendipity.
Well worth a listen
” – Chicago Tribune (April 2, 2021)

“I don’t usually write about kids stuff, but this six-episode podcast by Milwaukee psychiatrist and musician Bob Druker and Chicago singer/songwriter Steve Dawson is so charming, it should delight adults, too. A kitten, a dog disguised as a cat, a one-armed dog with freckles, a little plane that can’t fly, a train named Joe and more join forces and undertake an arduous journey to save their homeland, Zintaurus, from an evil king. Along the way, they — and we — learn about trauma, depression, substance abuse, loss and healing. The folksy songs are a plus.”Hyde Park Herald

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